Am I overreacting?


So I've been in a new relationship for about a month and a half now. I've known my new man for about 6 years, we used to go on dates and had something going but I was young an naive then and was on the rebound. Well fast forward to now, he is the sweetest guy ever, we get along so well with no effort. We decided to make it work, hes currently in the military stationed about 2 states away we talk every single day, video call all the time and what not. Now I dont know if I should be upset but godam I am hahaha, he didnt send me anything on valentines day! Lol he knows where I work, where I live and what not but literally nothing lol. He did text me a sweet message and called me and what not but I just feel like he could've really shined this time. Especially being that it's our FIRST valentines day and were not able to spend it together. I did send him a suprise package which he will receive anyday now so moral is, am I in the wrong for expecting something???? It's not like it's a shy relationship, weve already spoken of kids, marriage, family issues and weve been there for each other through all the years. Any advice is welcome ♥️