Hi, I'm sophie from Argentina. And I've got this problem with my boyfriend... I've caught him several times cheating. But he is only sexting (as far as I know) with other girls from all around the globe. So he says that's not cheating, that as long as it's not physical it's not cheating.

But I hate the fact that he does it, so everytime I caught him he just swore to never do it again but then he just did it again... and I'm an open-minded girl so I've said to him that if it is something he really can't stop doing then we should talk about it together but he just keeps swering he won't do it again.

I've tried to do sexting with him but apparently it's not the same because he answered to my nudes something like: "why do you send that? you probably sending that to other guys too" and it makes me think that he only likes it because is forbidden or unknown.. so he only likes the cheating part.

so what do you think? is sexting cheating?