He definitely surprised me 😂


So being a little frustrated the other day I asked my husband why the only time he ever got me flowers was our first Valentine's Day together and that was it. His reply was we have been tight on money lately which my reply was that not everything costed money to make an attempt to be sweet and to have a memorable day and that I would be just as happy if he stopped on the side of the road and picked me a bouquet of weeds. Well yesterday my little boy and I went to help my grandmother with stuff at her house and I asked my husband to come and pick us up after work which he agreed to (my car kicked the bucket) when he got there to get us we went and got into the truck and while he was buckling our son this awful smell hit my nose and I just looked at my husband and asked did you just fart? And he said no still surprised by the smell I asked if the baby farted and he said no again. By this time I was gagging and my husband started dying out laughing and pulled out these tiny little flowers he had stopped on the side of the road to pick 😂 apparently they had fertilizer on them that smelled terrible 😂 I can honestly say it was probably the best Valentine's Day yet even if it was a smelly one!