If anyone thought they had endometriosis and got pregnant, please share!


For pregnant women who have / had endo, can I hear your story?

Since I was a teenager I have had excruciating cramps every month. So painful for days I would be in pain. The first day I would switch back and forth being in bed with a hot pad crying or in the hot bath throughout the entire day.

When I got married and started TTC, we were unsuccessful for a few months. Finally we conceived, but lost the baby after less than a month.

After that, I started having hot flashes and EXTREME pms symptoms. Mood swings, huge cravings, etc. So many months I thought I was pregnant but my period would hit me like a train. My cramps got even worse. They were unbearable. I started to realize I might have endo because we were TTC for 14 months straight, no contraceptives at all. And just nothing.

Doctor was very unhelpful and said "come back in a year and we will see if you have endo". So I recently took matters into my own hands. I cut out gluten, switched my makeup to natural products, switched most household cleaners and shampoos and stuff to natural products. Within a month I got pregnant.

I'm not saying I have endo, but I really think it might possibly be because a fertility expert from my city was saying that gluten and hormones in our food can increase endo.

What are your thoughts/stories? I'm worried that after I give birth that this will all happen again....