Tick bite and 24 weeks

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and while I was shaving my under arms tonight, I felt something and pulled it. It was an adult female lone star tick. I work with animals and frequently pull ticks off of them so I am pretty good at making sure that I get the entire thing. I know for a fact that the head was not left in. Now lone star ticks aren’t known to transmit Lyme disease but can transmit other diseases. I don’t believe it was attached long because it wasn’t swollen. But of course, I am freaking out and it HAD to occur Friday night. I don’t want to go to the e.r and my obgyn’s office is closed until Monday. Do y’all think I can wait? I’m assuming it came off a dog at work but the weird thing is that I’ve worn not only a scrub top but a jacket every single day. My husband will check me further when he gets home. Anyone have experience with tick bites during pregnancy?