Sadness and joy together


Yesterday my grandpa, who was 6 days shy of 91 passed away. It is very sad, and my mom was very close to him (she was the oldest child in her family, lived the closest, and was one of his main caretakers.)

She said that she was at peace with his passing. Her siblings told her that they thought he needed to know that she would be okay, so she went in and told him that she was. She is her only sibling who doesn’t have a spouse (my dad passed away 18 years ago).

She told me that she is going to move to the town where I live now! She has loved this town since I came to college here 11 years ago. I will love getting to see her more, and my husband brought up that she will be able to watch our future babies more with being closer! I’m so happy for her. She hasn’t liked where she lives for a long time, but she stayed for him. She has already rented a storage unit to put the things in her shed at her current house in. Moving all her things is going to be a ton of work, but I know in the long run it will be best!