Feeling terrible


I am just wondering if anyone else is going through this. I have been having this issue since Tuesday and I am just over it. My head has been killing me, diarrhea, body aches, nausea, tightening stomach, and killer heartburn. Last night was the worst night of all where I ended up calling labor and delivery. I woke up with intense body shaking. It was like I was freezing but didn’t feel cold. I had to take a warm shower to stop it and even that only slowed it down until it gradually stopped. I then had constant diarrhea and couldn’t sleep. When I called my doctor he said I could come in and get fluids or just stay home and keep up my fluid intake like I have been and take Tylenol. I have started to feel better through the day, but I’m still having diarrhea, nausea, headaches, and just feel weak in general. My husband and I decided that if I don’t feel better by tomorrow that I’m going to go in and get fluids. Baby has been moving this entire time, so I know she is okay. Has anyone else been going through something like this? I’m 35+3 right now.