Blank look

Lauren • 28. Married 1/17/14. Had our first baby 1/14/16! Second due July 2017

Ok this happens DAILY. But here’s just two examples from today.

I’m putting on my jacket in car before we leave. My husband just gives me this blank silent stare even when I’m done. Do I say “what?” annoyingly. He gets mad at tells my I’m being bitchy.

I ask him to bring the kids bowl over so I can put their dinner in them. He comes up to me holding the bowls staring at me like he doesn’t know what to do with them. I said “can you put them down?” And he said “stop being so sensitive, calm down”. Then he waited tell I cleaned up everything and ate tell he got some dinner.

It’s so annoying he doesn’t just act and treat me like a normal person! It’s like he purposely tries to annoy me. I’m just confused why he does this when he knows it makes me mad.