Is anyone sending their baby to Bilinagual Nest daycare, please be aware!!!


I was at Morningside Park, yesterday, walking my baby and I saw 8-10 babies, ages ranging probably from 9 months to 18 months in their strollers. I had a tour at this daycare before, so I knew their strollers and it caught my attention. First of all, babies looked very cold and uncomfortable, their winter jackets were not entirely closed, zippers were down to their bellies and their faces were really red because of cold. They were fussy and I believe that was partly because of cold. But more importantly, while two of the care givers were chatting at the bench behind strollers, one of them was standing up, in front of the babies and holding her cell phone against them and making them watch. Since all of them couldn't see the tiny screen at the same time, she was slowly and continuously moving screen from one side to the other and back. And as you can imagine, the babies who couldn't see the screen while she slides it to the opposite side were fussing until screen is back...

As a parent I limit screen time as much as I can, and when I toured this place they told me that they don’t allow screen time. This place is not cheap, they ask almost $3K per month and it bothered me so much that they are letting kids watch a phone while being hold in cold so rest of the ladies could chat. I could be one of those parents giving a ton of money to this daycare instead of a cheaper one hoping that they will provide a better care to my baby and not lie to me.

I hope this reaches out to the parents out there who works with this place.