Why would she do this ?

I have a ttc buddy I met online , she’s 9dpo and got her bfp , while I’m 6dpo and she’s always been kinda rude to me ever since I’ve met her . Anyways , shes been ttc for 9 months and I’ve been trying for 14 months , she got her bfp yesterday and won’t stop sending pictures to me of her pregnancy tests , okay I get it and I’m happy for you . But please stop being insensitive and realize I’m on this journey too of trying to get pregnant . She literally keeps sending me pictures and I don’t even ask to see them , I only asked twice to confirm she was pregnant . Anyways she sends me this text and it really pissed me off . “How do u feel this really must be hard ?” Really ? Well no shit u keep sending me pictures of your god damn pregnancy tests . I know ur pregnant and I’m happy for you but stop it . At this point I felt as if she was doing it on purpose so I gave my response . I also feel she’s selfish and doesn’t want me to be pregnant at the same time as her , I really dislike women like this , therefore I will stop talking to her and wish her the best . I really don’t like women who bring down other women like this. It’s not my vibe and I don’t need u to bring me down and sending me and showing off your pregnancy test.

Right now I told her I’m sad I’m not pregnant or well maybe it might be too early since I am only 6dpo it’s not possible for a bfp . And she tells me this

“I’m sure we will ttc again together” I’m sorry bitch what? You think I won’t get pregnant ? That ur saying we will ttc together again in the future? And then basically bring my hopes down by basically telling me “yea forsure ur not pregnant” instead of being a good friend and being positive . Bitch bye . I’m sorry if this doesn’t seem rude to people then u blind lol