Sneak Peek Gender Test Coupon


I just got a $20 off coupon for the Sneekpeek gender test. Code below.

It's a blood test, so you do have to pick your finger, and a male cannot be present so you have to be able to do it yourself or have a female friend to help.

I am including a photo of what my test set looked like. I just took this so the test bags, other lancet and vials are gone. I'm keeping this as a keepsake. It comes with little tattoos you can use for your gender announcement.

The test was supposedly correct for us, we confirm in a couple days. They claim a high accuracy rate, but who knows. Over on babycenter they saw a lot of incorrect results. However they do offer a full refund if incorrect!!

We did it for fun, so I'd recommend you also take it with a grain of salt.

Code is WXJA5

It expires on September 11th, and it's unlimited, you all can use it.