Transitioning LO to her crib in her nursery tonight 😥 Tips?! Advice?!

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Okay, so I know “safe sleep guidelines” say you should have baby in your own room in their own sleep space (bassinet, co-sleeper, mini crib, Pack N Play, etc) for the first 6 months.... BUT so far, my baby is not sleeping well in our room at all!

We have a good night every once in a while, but she struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep once we set her in her bassinet. We sleep with the tv on (hubby and I can’t sleep without it! Although we aren’t exactly sleeping much these days anyway 😅), plus we have two small dogs that sleep in our room as well and my husband is notoriously loud when he sets drinks down on his night stand, or comments on whatever is on tv, etc...).

So between the extra sounds, the changing lights from the tv and our two dogs, I think she is just overstimulated and that is causing her not to sleep well.

I have been laying her in her crib in her room for daytime naps and she does well until it’s time to nurse again! So I’m thinking that in her own room where the lights and sounds (sound machine for the win!!) stay constant, she will do better at getting some good sleep!

If you’re still reading, thank you for sticking with me! 😂😂

So that being said, does anyone have any tips for successfully transitioning baby girl to her own room?! (Tips for momma are accepted as well because I have a feeling I will worry/miss her tonight!).