Is that bad that I’m excited?

***SENSITIVE TOPIC!!*** if you can’t handle to read, leaving please. I don’t want to listen your negativity because you don’t support or whatever.

I’m pregnant and I’m not even ready. I hate pregnancy I swear. I never want to have kid. It was one of my most accidental and I will make sure I won’t let it happen again.

My sickness is getting worst. But I’m pretty excited that I’m gonna have my abortion clinic and help me to get rid of it. This Friday! I found out I’m pregnant on Jan 31st. To this day I’m really looking forward for it so I can be all feel better and continue work with anything what I really can.

I can not understand how the pregnant can be wonderful. NOT TO ME!! I ll block you if you being a negative because you don’t support the abortion. YOUR DECISION AND KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF. It’s my body, my decision.

If you mad, seem like you really want to fuck people’s life with the kids. That’s sad. My path is to have no kids, that’s what I’m seeing. My life will be fucked up if I have kids. So leave me alone and let me gonna have abortion the baby.