Am I alone...?

Here it is 20 weeks. 20 weeks and so close to the gender revealing ultrasound. 20 weeks and as early as 10 I've felt the flutter of life in my tummy.

Everything to date has been so weird for me. The symptoms leading to the test were not typical. In fact the night I tested I told my husband I just "knew" I was pregnant and wanted confirmation.

Once confirmed I waited for the usual symptoms, the ones I experienced with my first.

But no morning sickness. Barely fatigued. Minor headaches. Nothing extreme. I counted myself lucky, I was able to keep working. A privilege some women I knew struggled with.

I gained weight, I've gained 10 pounds since finding out.

Now at 20 weeks, I can't feel baby move as much. I was told this is normal because of how the placenta is sitting. I check daily for the heartbeat which I always find with ease.

But despite KNOWING this life is in me, I don't FEEL pregnant. Hell, I don't even look it.

I just feel fat. And sometimes I have to remind myself I'm not, that I'm actually pregnant, and weight gain is normal.

Its just so weird. I don't feel out of the ordinary. This is my second and while I am enjoying this so much, I feel sort of odd not having the typical symptoms.

Anyone else experiencing this? Have you experienced it before? What did you do?