39 weeks and 1 day

So today is kind of weird... I woke up and had a glass of tea and thought I was going to throw it up. I laid back down in bed and felt miserable for a few hours. I started to have the "I need to go to the bathroom right now pains" and so I went and still didn't feel any better.

I still have been having on and off flares of I need to go. But I just had a super small snack and when I moved my entire belly cramped up to the point where all I could do is lay there for a few minutes and let it pass. My back/ribs area has been hurting/cramping all day too. I feel like complete and total crap.

Oh and I have been losing my plug for a week now and today I have been having some every time I wipe.

Sorry I am all over the place, I just feel terrible and am not sure what to do or what is causing it...