Fantasy Fulfilled 😏

I got home from work Friday evening and seen my wife in the kitchen making dinner. I walk up behind her, ran my hands around her waist, pulled her in close and gave her a kiss on the neck. She put one of her hands around my head and lean back and gave me a kiss and told me dinner is almost ready.

I went to go change clothes and wash up for dinner. We sat down to eat and she suggested we go to the new jazz lounge to have a few drinks. We finished up our dinner and took a shower together. Watching the water running down her body always makes me feel some type of way. She got dressed faster than I expected and I was playing catch up this time. She had on a sexy purple dress that showed off her long legs and back, with her hair brushed up with dark red lipstick on.

We made it to the jazz lounge and found a booth to sit in. It was a good group of people there and the music was amazing. As the night went on my wife become more and more touchy. She pulled me closer to her and she told me she had a suprise for me. She took my hand and slide it up her dress and I instantly felt her suprise. She removed my hand, took a sip of her drink and tried to act like it never happen. I look at her deep in her soul and sucked my finger clean. I asked our waiter for the check and we made our way of our the lounge.

On our way home I was rubbing my wife thigh and up between her legs. She reach over and unzip my pants. She somehow managed to get him out and leaned over and started to give him some attention. When we got on the highway the attention grew more intense and she knew exactly what to do with her hands. Her ass was up in the air, thank God for tinted windows. I put my hand between her legs and felt her dripping. As I found her spot her moans become shorter and faster. Sure enough she pulled him out her mouth and let out a long moan.......

Part 2 coming soon 😩🍆👀