Feeling awful as a plus size mum UPDATE

Sapphire • Full time mum taking everyday as it comes

I weighed less when I had my daughter I was about 210lbs and they never made me take as many tests as they are making me now take at 238lbs. They keep taking my blood for all these syndromes and it’s all going over my head because I’m saying yes to protect the baby but I don’t understand why I’m having them. One midwife told me that because of my weight my baby has a higher risk of Down syndrome and all these things.

It’s just really upsetting because now I feel like I’m being selfish for getting pregnant at this weight. I never felt like r with my daughter but this time they are making me so awful about my weight. I just feel miserable and upset because I’m trying to loose weight but I’m so sick that I thought I would loose weight. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was the same amount of sickness and lost over 50lbs but this time the weight is not budging.

I just feel awful.


You guys have really reassured me and made me feel better thank you so much I’m going to try to loose weight but thank you so much for telling me your story’s and making me feel like I’m not a horrible mum. Thank you so much.