Prodormal labor you can go to hell!!!


Yesterday I thought it was it! I was feeling off all morning no appetite, nauseous, laying about, everything I haven't been in the past few weeks I've been experiencing prodormal labor.

Around two the cramps followed by contractions started. I ignored it because I really didn't want to get my hopes up. I couldn't eat my dinner I just wanted to lay down they were getting painful. Took a bath and they didn't go away. Drank a lot and still they came.

I went to bed after attempting to have sex thinking we need this to keep going. I thought to myself if this is true labor it will wake me up. So I toss and I turn and hurt and cramp and contract till 5am and then it stopped!!!!

A month of this. I've been going through this since 34 weeks and today I'm 38. I've hit the mental wall. I have a feeling my midwife will offer induction at my next appointment. I'm very much tempted to accept at this point. This is starting to make me crazy!!