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Sooo this is kind of an Update from a previous post but umm..

I was having strange symptoms such as a burp with small vomit that had me with a weird taste in the back of my throat all day, had small in and off cramps 2 weeks ago. This last week I had a bad headache that had me nauseous all day and sleep all day.

This weekend I’ve been constantly hungry and sleepy. My Man told me the way I was eating he was assuming I was pregnant and I didn’t believe him i took a test to shut him up and ended shocked 😳😳😳

My nipples have been extra sensitive, I’ve been hungry and feeling off, now it’s all adding up. I thought my AF was coming but I see now that it’s not.

I’m Happy!!! And scared and emotional!! My mind has been running nonstop I’m not sure how to think right now. I’m not sure if I should even tell my 8yr old son right now lol...

well I wish baby dust to everyone!!!! Hope u all have a happy pregnancy and baby🥰🥰🥰🥰