Grieving the girl I'll never have - help me feel better

I have 2 boys. One of them is 10 months old and I'm STILL grieving the girl I'll never have. Friends are having girls and it's growing my jealousy, and just when I thought I came to accept the fact I'll never have a girl. If I have a 3rd kid, its just gonna end up being another boy. I'd be the one with 13 sons and no daughters. I just know it. I tell myself "well they have each other and boys get along better than a boy and girl, and they get to reuse the same clothes and play with the same toys". I'm still so heartbroken about not having a girl. I just want that same special relationship I have with my mom. But I guess even if I did have a girl, she may be super rebellious or just not wanna be close to me for some reason anyways. Maybe my boys will be closer to me. So maybe this is just not meant to be.