Urethra dropped down into vagina?

Title sounds so stupid, but true.

My doc told me everything was healing fine at my check up. But the inside of my vagina looks completely different. I can’t even see the opening anymore. There’s a large bulge in my vagina and my urethra now sits right in the center of what used to be my vaginal opening. Like if I look down there with a mirror, I can see my urethra, (which looks gaping now) I couldn’t do that before.

Also, at the bottom inside of my vaginal opening, I have a bunch of loose flappy skin. I assume this is normal but I don’t know!?

*i didn’t want to straight up take a pic but hopefully this makes sense

Should I go back to the doctor and express my concerns? I’m extremely worried to even attempt sex when the “hole” is literally blocked by a bulging urethra and flaps of skin