Took a day off...


So I went to school today and I really just wasn’t feeling it. I could feel a panic attack coming on and I was just super stressed about school and things that were happening at home. Anyway, I ended up calling my mom and asking her if she could pick me up from school. Surprisingly she agreed. I got home, drank some tea and ate some crackers. I finished a book! I love reading but lately I feel like I can’t get into a reading mood so this was a huge accomplishment for me. After that I listened to music and caught up on my homework. I did all my work for the day at my pace and guys, it was so relieving. I could actually breathe and focus on what I needed and wanted to do. I wasn’t stressed and everything was great. I talked to my boyfriend and my therapist about my anxiety and they were both super helpful and comforting. And tomorrow I’m ready to take on the new school day!

So I’m just sayin, taking the day off for some self care is a great idea... just don’t do it all the time 😂