My best friend wants an arranged marriage and I don’t know how to tell her she won’t be happy

My best friend wants an arranged marriage. Were both indian and its not as common as it used to be back in the 60-80s. right now were both 24 and shes hooking up with random guys left and right. I just got out of a relationship with a man who got another woman pregnant. So maybe I am not in lala land anymore over love and relationships.

She told me “well my mom is so hung up over if hes indian and if hes from our caste so im gonna let her choose since its such a big deal.” We started talking more and she says that “as long as hes rich and has money and is from the US or London I don’t mind”

To me, the money part is a bit shallow. Plus her lifestyle now doesn’t really lend me to believe shell be happy in an arranged marriage. Should I tell her how I feel or will she not listen to me? I feel like she wont. I don’t really agree with arranged marriages and think theyre stupid.

Should I talk to her? Or not.