Would this comment bother you?


Okay so my in laws hate that I'm pregnant again (let be real, they hated that I got pregnant the first time). They are very outspoken about not liking me and not wanting me to 'trap' their son with kids (oh ummm we're also married so technically he is "trapped" already?). Anyways, our son is 13 months and we're due in May with boy #2. Today I posted a picture of me with my son and the caption was "Third trimester begins today! Time is flying!". Anyways, one of his family members responded with this:

I only blocked out our names in the comment. Anyways, my question is whether this would rub you the wrong way? I'm planning on ignoring it but would you be bothered? Or am I hormonal? I'm so confused and it seems odd to me to post this. I don't want to overreact or bring it up to my husband if it's nothing but it did kinda hurt my feelings but maybe I'm reading into it the wrong way? How would you interpret this?

(Also, very sorry if this is posted in the wrong group. I really wanted advice but was unsure where to post)