Would you call this dating?

This guy and I haven been talking since the middle of July. We aren’t Really dating but we don’t see other people. I got kicked out of my parents house a month ago and I now live with him and sleep in his bed with him. We do all sorts of boyfriend/girlfriend type things. I have his moms number and I text her pretty often. I’ve met his parents and His siblings know about me. We got each other Christmas gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts (his idea). And he is talking about us going on a road trip with his friends in April. We know each other passwords to our phones and a bunch of other things. And he always slips up and calls me babe/baby and when I go out he asks if I went to hangout with my other boyfriend (in a joking way). There was a point where I couldn’t see him for over a week and his roommates said he got super depressed and wouldn’t leave the couch. He says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment. Before he met me he was in a 3 year long relationship where the girl cheated 95% of the time. Would you consider this dating?