Chest Infection?


I'll keep this as short as I can. Please no hateful comments. I know you guys aren't doctor's, but I just need someone to talk to right now.

3/6 I woke up with a feeling in my throat. Felt like I had a pill or something stuck in my throat for the whole day. It sucked. Through out the day, I felt my breath was short. It was somewhat hard to breath. My throat was raspy. and it felt uncomfortable.I felt tired and sleepy.

3/7 Woke up, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I coughed. I Felt like I had something in my throat. Well, I coughed up blood. That was alarming for me. I'm 22, and I've never been through such thing. I also felt tired.

I was seen at the doctor's the same day. Told him my symptoms and brushed it off as allergies? But, he did schedule a lung check up (I was born premature/3 months early, so as a result, I had difficulty breathing since birth) He didn't seem worried.

Well. Now I am home and freaking out because I coughed up blood... Again (Its not a lot, but it's still there). And well.

Anyone out there experience any of these symptoms and figured out what it was? My lung check up isn't until next week. Maybe I'm just overthinking.

I went on Google, and came up with chest infection. I know people on here aren't doctors, but i would like to know if someone has been through this. Thank you.