So I woke up at 7am 3/6/19 thinking they were going to cancel my induction again

So I woke up at 7am 3/6/19 thinking they were going to cancel my induction again. I called them and asked and they said they just had a lady go into labor and are discussing it at that moment and will call back. I was soo bummed and just assumed I wasn’t going in and stayed in bed. I didn’t even get cora ready yet for the day. Chase cane home from work at 715am, 725 I got a call back and she sounded perkier than the first time and said I could come in! I was so excited and relieved. I told them I’d be there at 8 because I needed to eat breakfast before I went in. Once I’m there I’m on a clear liquid diet. Dropped cora off at daycare and in we went! They checked me and I was at 1.5cm still and thick, high cervix. Not too long after them getting me registered in, they started misoprostol. It’s a pill form they dissolved in water do I drink small doses an hour and it tasted like stale water. Like well water that has been sitting on the counter for a week. Just funky tasting. I was then transferred into my delivery room 4242. This was the exact same room I gave birth to cora in. I felt so special to be able to have an experience in this room again as it is special to me for my daughters. Hours went by and not too much. By 11 I started feeling contractions but nothing severe. More like regular period cramping. They checked my cervix roughly every 3 hours and I’d dilate about one cm each time. Come 630p I hadn’t progressed past 3cm since my last check and they decided to send me home and start pitocin tomorrow or maybe my body would finally go on it’s own. I went home and took a bath and sat in the butterfly pose and watched the high school state hockey game. After the first two goals I decided to lay on my left side. Cramps started to get pretty strong about 3.5 minutes apart. Chase fell asleep and I turned to my other side, they started getting stronger and stronger and 3 minutes apart. I called Ob and they said to come in. So I did and they checked me and I’m at 5cm! They admitted me. Contractions were getting even more and more intense. To the point I’m having a hard time breathing through them. The epidural lady cane in 10 minutes later and I was in so much pain I started to cry. She got the epidural in and it started helping in only my right side but not my left. She thinks it’s because I have a curve in my spine and I am so out of alignment. So I laid on my left side hoping it would move over. It finally did after 40 minutes and normally it takes only 20 minutes to start kicking in but my body was just being an ass. So I was able to manage my pain and I only felt butterflies in my stomach during a contraction. Then they started pitocin because they broke my water and needed my body to progress faster. That SUCKED. Pitocin made my cramps come back with a vengeance. I was at a level 10 pain in no time. It hurt. I was trying to push the button for more epidural but I reached my limit for the hour so it stopped. They called the epidural lady again and she upped it higher than normal. It started to finally help after 30 minutes of hard contracting labor. I had to lay on my sides though and alternate between the two. This also made me have back labor and having to put a ball in between my legs. After about an hour of the epidural being upped, I was pushing. I was SO SCARED because with cora my pushing experience sucked. I had major Charlie horses in my legs and it made it really hard to push. I didn’t want that with Kenna. I wanted a smooth sailing labor. I pushed for 20 minutes and I didn’t have any pain. No pain at all. I didn’t even feel the ring of fire. I felt a lot of pressure but no actual pain. I had chase, my mom, chases mom and my SIL in the room while I pushed. I didn’t want my mom or Corrine in the room because I didn’t like his mom looking at my vagina and my mom got weirded out when I asked her to look at my cut sites on my boobs from my reduction. Why would she want to be there when a baby is coming out of me? Lol bu they both stayed in the room. I didn’t ask them to leave and I didn’t ask them to stay but they didn’t care either. They ended up holding my leg and chase held the other and my SIL was my photographer. I wanted this to be remembered. My labor I think was a huge challenge but I made it and it turned out wonderful.