D&C Experience


This pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster complete with multiple blood draws, an ED visit, and multiple ultrasounds. After the last ultrasound last Friday we decided to move ahead with the D&C, I had two yolk sacs and no further development and my HCG counts were dropping. I would have been 8 weeks this week.

Been having spotting for the past two weeks, light brown. This turned to dark brown with my blood last weekend. During my pre op appointment on Tuesday the doctor noticed the bleeding and I was scheduled for surgery yesterday, Thursday.

Apparently my uterus didn’t want to wait because after a relaxing bath with an awesome LUSH bath bomb, i went to bed and awoke an hour later with heavy bleeding.

Spent two hours in the bathroom crying, cramping, passing clots, vomiting. Finally slowed down a little bit and was dying to sleep so padded myself up and went back to bed after placing a towel down just in case... humiliating, but necessary.

Got to the OR for noon yesterday and I must say that the whole D&C experience was 1000x better than what I was doing in the bathroom the night before. Super light spotting today, no cramps. Wish I could have scheduled it sooner!!!

On the 2 week pelvic rest wait now and doctor says to wait one full cycle before trying again- helps everything reset and will make dating the next pregnancy easier.

Finally feel like this chapter is closed, feeling so much better and more like myself. Hoping the next pregnancy is easier, I never realized how difficult it could be and how wrong things can go.

Hang in there ladies. I realize a D&C is not for everyone but it was 100% the right option for me.