I need some advice!! Help!

So I know y’all seen some post I posted ain’t psychics and all that. Well yes i made the mistake on asking questions about my hubby lol.

Anyways I asked does my husband still has feelings for his ex? And she said yes.. she said that he thinks that their relationship was a lil Better then ours and that they had better connection .. let’s just say me and my husband argue a lot or have been up and down.. the psychic also told me that I shouldn’t bring the ex topic to him because he’s not going to admit to anything. Half of me believes her and half of me don’t. I don’t know.. I love my husband and we been together for almost 7 years. I don’t want to sounds stupid or being this up because he’s going to think I’m crazy. The psychic never said that he loves her she just said he has feelings for her and she also told me she doesn’t see any divorce either.. A lil background on his ex and what happened .. so they were Together three years they were really young.. she ended the relationship because of somthing that happened.. he tried to get back together with her but she didn’t want too anymore.. I been seeing her Facebook and she’s happily married and has two kids already.. she looks happy on the pics with her husband.

I have brought up the conversation to my husband and he says I don’t have any feelings for her and he told me if you were to leave me I don’t have no desire into looking for her he also told me he doesn’t regret having sex with her. He said that when we were having this heated argument.

This psychic got me fucked up in the head mannnn. I don’t want to ruin my marriage over this shit. What would you do if you were me? We also live on the same town as her that’s why I would want too which away from here I just feel like he does think of her something since we live where maybe he took her out somewhere u know? They probably did have a better relationship but it didn’t work out for some reason. I just wish he told me the truth. If he were to tell me yes I want to be with her or I love her. I wouldn’t stay in this marriage. But everytime I bring it up he says to leave the past alone.. also she has a black suv and every time a black suv passes by he looks at it. I know I’m trippin. I just wish he told me the truth you guys.