TMI baby throw up pic. Normal?

My one month old has been throwing up daily 2-3 times a day. She doesn't cry after it seems like she feels better after.

She wants to constanly eat. If I don't let her she'll cry. I told her doctor this and that say it's *normal* because she's gaining weight. I stopped consuming cow milk and it hasn't helped. I started using gerber probiotics and I feel like it made her spit up more. I don't know what to do. She doesnt projectile vomit but she wretches and it flies a few inches. Is this throw up normal? She's had this problem since a week and half old but like i said the doctor said it's normal. Is it though? They ruled out pyloric stenosis because of the weight gain. She pees and poops normal amount. I'm just tired of having to worry about her vomiting every feed. Thank god its not every feed but i feel like 3 times a day is too much.