My husband’s ex’s baby!? Part 6

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Here’s our little man!!! (And me) we went out to lunch with my grandmother and one of his older brothers (our oldest was at school) He’s the little love of my life and couldn’t make me happier! ❤️❤️❤️ Life with him in our family has been amazing; my husband and stepsons absolutely love having him with us just as much as I do and it’s amazing! ❤️ We were able to finally get his birth certificate and SSN so now they finally get to close the DCF case completely on Monday! I’m so excited!🎉 but Monday is also going to be really annoying because GM is already bringing us back to court over the visitation because we won’t let her take him whenever she wants and she also got BF (bio father) involved by convincing him to file for a paternity test, but BM’s lawyer reassured us that everything will be fine because GM never tried to communicate with us about a schedule and refused to when we offered and the judge won’t take the baby out of our house even if it does come back that he is actually the biological father. He said the most he’ll get is visitation and have to pay us child support and once he hears those two words he’ll probably take off anyways. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Now for post surgery me; I’ve been physically feeling a lot better (still bleeding tho 🙄 sorry, tmi, I know), but the emotional part still keeps creeping up on me and hitting me hard. It doesn’t help that my post-pregnancy hormones are all whacked out probably. But no one seems to remember that my hormones are just as crazy as after any other pregnancy because everyone seems to feel the need as ask me why I’m being so moody and it’s not helping. And believe me, I’m not doing it on purpose, I hate feeling this emotion and detached. This is all new to me 😔


Hi everyone! I am so sorry I’ve been MIA for so long; life has been absolutely crazy since the last time I updated. Life with our little man has been absolutely amazing! He’s blended right into our life seamlessly. He made a huge increase in talking (his early intervention teacher is amazed) and Mumma and Dadda are definitely his favorite words ❤️ my SSs absolutely love that he’s with us and are so great with him 😍

We did end up with a visitation schedule that was okay, but due to today’s events we will probably be going back to court have it modified! My 5 year old SS told me and my husband this morning that when they went to GMs yesterday she told them that I’m not Mommy to the baby and that they’re not to refer to me as that to him!!! 🤬🤬🤬 like wtf, excuse me!?!? We are his legal guardians and we have full say over this and BM has also agreed to this months before we even got him! She has absolutely no right to tell them this or make that decision!! I am livid! I’ve already emailed our lawyer that we had originally for the case and he was already notified months ago about the whole MAYBE baby daddy (we don’t even know if he’s the father or not) stunt that she pulled because she even tried having him over during a visit, but luckily I found out before it happened and I put a very quick end to that! So needless to say our lawyer won’t be impressed or surprised. I’ll keep you guys updated with what happens because I’m sure we’ll end up in court because visitation will be getting decreased if possible because she is completely out of line.

But I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! 😊


apparently things aren’t over... we just got a notice in the mail today saying BM wants GM to take guardianship back and in 6 months wants full custody of the baby! He barely even knows her!!! I don’t know what we’ll do if we lose him! I can’t lose my living baby too 😭 he’s my life and I love him soo soo much 💔 we’ve had him for 8 months and he’s such a happy and healthy little boy... I’m so scared for him if he has to leave 😭💔