So defeated, again.

I applied for the local nursing program for the second time this year only to be rejected again without ever really being given a chance. The first time I expected not to get in as I didn’t have all of my pre-reqs completed but I never thought that I’d be turned down again. Especially since my pre-reqs are completed, my GPA is above their requirement and I hold prior medical certifications.

I feel so lost and defeated, not knowing where to go from here. I’ve always felt that helping people is what I’m made to do and now I just don’t know. The two years I’ve spent raising my family while maintaining a full course-load feels like it’s all for nothing now. 😭

I just needed to rant as I’m too ashamed to tell my close friends and family right now.

*edit, I’ve received my CNA license as well as a phlebotomy and dementia care specialist certificate. Currently holding a 3.4ish GPA as well*