Choking orgasm or what?

Y’all know that feeling, when you get choked continuously whilst being pounded, you suddenly get this impression that your whole body is vibrating and you feel cold and warm all over?

Well happens to me all the time when my boyfriend chokes me hard. It’s not like an orgasm, but it’s as if my brain flies to the 11th plane of pleasure (which for me is also the 7th plane of torment) and I feel my body slowly disintegrate into atoms.

After darkness comes over my eyes I feel a thousand tickles in my veins from what seems to be my pulse/blood pressure, only it feels like a continuous tingling sensation (tactile white noise) and not like a steady beat.

Anyway it’s separate from my actual orgasm and I wanted to see if anyone knew what it was or had the same feeling before? Would be cool to know bcz as far as I know I’m the only person who experiences this

Choke safe y’all :*

Edit: wouaouuu didn’t know this was dangerous. Yes it is my kink and I love it. Will keep in mind to not pass out. Don’t think I’ll stop though