I think I’m having an ectopic but the tech found nothing

PB • 25| Military wife | Leo 1/26/21🦁💙

I definitely lost the baby. I was pregnant and it was confirmed by the doctor through a blood and urine test. My first ultrasound came at 9w4d and there was nothing in my uterus. So where’d the baby go? I know about blighted ovums but there was nothing in my uterus...and I’ve had absolutely NO bleeding or spotting.

I’m scared she missed an ectopic on the ultrasound. My lower back has been hurting, I’ve been having a lot of pelvic cramping and I may be psyching myself out but my shoulder has been hurting (maybe..) and I’ve been having the urge to go to the bathroom but then I don’t have to go. Ive been having pains in my ovary area but no intense pain that would make me think my tube ruptured..I’m scared I might be bleeding internally but I don’t want to go to the ER because I’m not bleeding externally at all..

Any insight?