Please god prayers needed ASAP

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Ok so as some of you already know I’m currently carrying baby #2 which is also our long awaited rainbow baby after having 4 losses in a row before this one since May. I’ve been having spotting since 2 weeks ago and then on Thursday I started having bad cramping and pressure it horrified me my ob had me go to the er they were able to make out a gestational sac and they thought they might have seen a yolk sac but they weren’t 100% sure. They checked my hcg it was 4531 it’d gone up from 2060 48 hours before that so all seemed good. I went to my ob a Monday because of very bad cramping and heavier spotting that it had been before, they did an ultrasound and that time saw a for sure yolk sac but no heart beat and they also checked my hcg which it had gone up to over 20000 which was good. I was supposed to come in today and have my hcg rechecked at 2:30, I woke up and I was fine, I wasn’t spotting or cramping. I sat around until about 12:30 and then decided to run to the piggly wiggly down the road for our house, get a few things, bring them home and put them up then go to my apt. But while shopping I felt a gush, I ran to the bathroom to check it and sure enough it was blood and lots of it, like I said I’d nvm spotting for about 2 weeks but it was only when I wiped this was different and I started getting badddd cramps. I rushed home to put up my groceries and called my ob who told me to go straight to the er. I knew that feeling I was sure I’d lost the baby. They checked my hcg and it was over 42000, the did an ultrasound and for the first time found a heartbeat but it was faint at only 96 and they learned I have an irregular gestational sac which can cause you to miscarry cause it can collapse on itself. The er doctor said she’s not sure what’s gonna happen now, she said the ob on call that she spoke to about it said he’s had many ultrasounds where it was a low heart rate and the baby ended up fine and same with the gestational sac issue but still my er doctor wasn’t convinced that meant I was out of the woods at all. I’m so scared now that we’ll go to my ultrasound Friday and find out its heart beat has stopped and that we’re going to loose him or her. Please I’m begging you pray for my baby to be ok. I’m so scared I’m going to loose this one like the others, all I want is to finally get my rainbow baby please