VBAC or no


So I’ll try to make this short as possible....I’m wondering if I should switch hospitals and attempt a VBAC.

First pregnancy was a 52 hour induction labor and my pelvis separated (have SPD) so I couldn’t walk after and had to do a lot of therapy. Was fine after therapy and building up muscles around pelvis. He was 8lbs 11.9 oz. labor was fine otherwise no tearing or anything. He was facing the wrong way until I started pushing so I had a lot of horrible back pain.

Second baby-doctor said I should have cesarean so I didn’t have to deal with pelvis again. Horrible SPD during pregnancy and he was 8lbs 13oz. 2 infections after this cesarean. Controlled GD.

Third baby uncontrolled GD had second cesarean and baby was 10lbs 13oz. No issues.

I’m on fourth and last baby. GD again so far controlled. I’m 27 weeks. So far baby is measuring at 47 percentile so not looking huge yet. I’m feeling like I want to try vaginal birth again. I already switched doctors and hospitals once during this pregnancy because the doctor was a complete jerk. I love my doctor now but the hospital does not offer VBAC. They also do not have surgery staff or doctors on hand 24/7 because it’s a small hospital. My cesarean is already scheduled at almost 39 weeks. The other hospital I would consider going to is a level 3 maternity center with staff on hand 24/7 and if something went wrong with me or baby we would be in much Better hands—even if we didn’t do a VBAC. But I’m torn. I really don’t want to change doctors AGAIN but then I think about safety and I know a bigger hospital would be better. I’m also 232 lbs right now and with the GD I wonder if ill even be a good candidate for VBAC.

So for those that had one—how did it go? Any thoughts or helpful advice about what to do here??