Figuring myself!

I’m a 20 year old girl, and have a babygirl, also currently in a relationship with the baby’s father! Now I wanna say this before talking about what I truly want to say, & vent. I love my family and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them! My babygirl is my world! & so is the father of my kid, he’s been my rock, and been there through it all, I honestly think nobody is gonna handle me the way he does. But I’m recently discovering I’m attracted to this girl deeply! I guess I always knew with playing around with girls, kissing them as a joke! But this one time is different I don’t mind her touching me, I don’t mind her kissing me, & etc.. I know I have a family and this has been soo emotional for me because I always grew up with the moral and concept of how God don’t allow this and that, and my family is basically all Christian and you already know judgy so I really don’t have who to talk about this, but is it possible for me to still figure out myself at 20 years old and realize that I like girls and have attraction for them. I’m trying so hard to put these feeling away, I’m trying so hard to please my family, I just wish I knew this or had a friend to talk too, I feel like idk myself anymore! But wanna know something when I’m with her it feels right!

P.s baby’s father knows about all this but not every detail if you guys get what I mean!