Boyfriend issue


So him and his ex had a phone call and she followed him on insta again and he hasn’t called or even texted me back all damn day and I ain’t even said anything about it but if I did what he was doing he would break up with me because last time a random guy was talking to me and my friend and one of his friends where recording and I was walking away from the guy and he grabbed my ass and my boyfriend broke up with me saying I disrespected him when I didn’t even wanna get grabbed I should of known when he mentioned her a couple days back and said “I miss me and hers late night Friday calls” I should of got the hint and now she’s posting thirst trap videos on snap and posted him and the phone call they where on with caption “all he ever does it talk about himself” he told me he would never talk to her because he was madly in love and she broke him and I fixed him but I guess I wasn’t good enough or anything can y’all give me your thoughts on how to handle this and if I should break up or see what happens because he’s the type to lose feelings quick and idk what to do anymore because he’s so confusing I’m currently heartbroken sorry if it ain’t edited I’m just crying and lost