Anyone else’s husbands not seem excited about baby? Like I think he’s trying to be excited but is scared. Told me tonight that he doesn’t think he can take care of two (we have a very independent 3 YO) and than laughed it off like he was joking. I told him I get nervous too, that’s normal, but you just have to do it. We worked opposite shifts so we are always alone with the kids, I kind of understand his fear but when he expresses it I feel like he’s just being mean or selfish. Maybe that’s my own insecurities. I told him it hurts my feelings that he doesn’t seem excited and he didn’t answer. He knew and agreed he wanted a second one, maybe now that it’s more real he’s getting more scared. IDK. Hoping someone in here has had a similar experience. I just wish I had an excited hubby... I feel very alone and it dampens my own joy.