Long needed rant

I just want to rant about a teacher I had in highschool that apparently knows everything 
We were discussing the topic of abortion first, (this post has nothing to do with my views on abortion whatsoever. It's about a teacher either lying or is just really stupid.) then we got into development in the womb. 
Another student said that a heart beat doesn't appear until 4 weeks 
The teacher got angry and stated that she saw her daughters heart beat at 7 days and it made me angry but I was not about to back talk my teacher 
My mother would have killed me😡
This was over 5 years ago and I'm still annoyed about it. 
At 4 days it's still a fertilized egg still traveling through your Fallopian tube. 
At 6 days or even more it's just begun to implant into the uterin wall 
And then 6 WEEKS LATER a heart begins to beat 
Sorry lady, you can tell me your life experience all you want. It doesn't matter what side you're on you cannot deny FACT 
You must have had sex 5 weeks earlier that you can't remember because you didn't see a damn heart beat 7 days later. 
I'm done now.