*Relationship Help (Its long sorry) Please ...any advice

Ive been dating this guy a little over 2 weeks now and everything is good. We laugh about things together and can have a normal conversation. And when ever were not together and Im always expressing my feelings towards him about how much I miss and want to see him... he says he feels the same way but when we get together.. it always ends in us having an argument before he drops me home. Mostly because of how he talks to me. Not putting me down or anything but just every other word out of his mouth hes cursing and I dont like it... So I told him about it and he said that he will work on it. He also told me that hes been through a lot and is emtionally damaged and acts nonchalance about everything. Including me... he says he doesnt try to but hes been hurt and through so much that he brushes everything off. But my thing is ...is that Im your gf, you should be able to come to me and talk about anything not shut me out whenever your mad or having a bad day. He says that hes serious about us and usually dont do relationships but he wants us to work. But honestly... I feel as if I care more about him than he does me.

Idk what to do anymore... the only time he expresses his feelings for me is when I tell him how I feel. I do care about him a lot... what should I do =(