So I had my tubes tied 4 years ago.after my third child because my dr said I am extremely fertile. I never had any problems getting pregnant after my third I didnt want any more and I had gotten pregnant on bc with condom no condom didnt break leak or slip we would check. So my question and I posted earlier this week about this but my periods have been regular since I got my tubes tied same time every month and every thing. I am now 14 days late super tired which never happens unless I am pregnant I usually live off of 5 hrs of sleep. I am getting nauseous when I try and eat I am peeing like 3 times an hr. I took a test 4 days ago it was negative but all my positives came up instantly with my past pregnancies so when I seen the pee go through the lines and it was negative I immediately threw it away. I know in all likely hood im not I am not trying to convince my self I am I am hoping its stress but I dont know if I should test again or wait a week