I'm late!


Hey everyone!

I have been TTC for years now! I have PCOD so it's been an emotional roller coaster emotionally. My doctor suggested I start charting my cycles. With better diet, and exercise, (I'm terrible at remembering to take the medications he prescribed) my cycles have been like clock work for a good 10 months. Almost a whole year. Well, my partner and I are not TTC but not preventing it either (it is what it is topic to us) I'm 4 days late... last time we were intimate was about 2 weeks ago. Could I be pregnant? I have no symptoms other than no period, breasts feel bigger and a little heavy but not painful at all, my backs been killing me, but I have a fuse back so that's normal for me, I almost got sick one time the other day but it passes before I even threw up... I've been extremely emotional lately which has gotten worse after finding out my grandmother is sick and may not pull through. I'm confused and don't want to waste money on a negative making myself really sad.