Baby is 8weeks+1 and just wont get off my boobs for the past 3/4 days.
 Up until now she has been fed ever 3-4 hours apart from at night when she tends to sleep through from 11ish-6. I feel like she is cluster feeding in the morning and at night, wanting to be fed every hour or so for half an hour at a time!! I dont know whats happened? I dont think she is doing it for comfort as she is still swallowing, all be it a bit slower. The only let up i get is around mid day where she will probably go about 3 hours (hour nap in middle). Even though she has a good latch she is still making me sore because of the time she spends on me :( 
Has anyone else experienced this at 8 weeks and offer me a glimmer of hope that it will end soon? Is it a growth spurt? Its starting to make me miserable!!