My birth story

He is 3 days old! Went in for my induction Tuesday at noon. I was 39 weeks 1 day and 3 cm dilated when I got there. Started the Pitocin around 1:30pm. I felt mild period like cramping. By 5:30pm I was 4-5 cm dilated and the doctor broke my water. It didn't hurt at all just felt like a balloon popping inside me then a huge gush of warm liquid. Very shortly after that the contractions got 100% more intense and within 20 minutes I was in the most unexplainable pain of my life. Tried breathing and swaying through the pain. I got an epidural which didn't hurt and had such great relief. By 9 cm I was having extreme pain again and got a bolus of the epidural which gave me enough relief to dilate fully. I pushed 3 times before the doctor came in then 4 times once he was in the room. Our son was born at 10:48pm! Less than a 10 hour labor FTM! Our bodies are amazing ladies!