App how I got pregnant fast in a month.

ALEXIS • 2nd baby, here I come. can't wait for my lil one to hold.
A lot of women are trying, hey if it help me when I was really sick it should work on yall. ((Get pregnant ))))app all I did is tack my last period on the app...Example If you ovulation on the sep 23-27 only have sex one time on those not have sex 4 days before your ovulation days. Meaning sep 19-22 . When you do have sex put a pillow above your butt. After put your legs up for 4-5 mins in the air.I used the wall. In that month my boobs where hurting, I took the test 6 or 5 days before my period came out +++++positive. I heard it from a friend and did it. Many of her friends got pregnant fast 3mth or less.Good lucky !!! Any questions I'll answer them.