Bad odor

I'm 18 and sexually active. Ever since I was little before I even started having sex (so this issue isn't sex related) I've always had a gross odor come from my vagina even a few hours after I shower. Every single day no matter what I do, my crotch is smelly and sometimes moist. It goes through my pants too and my pants smell. It gets so strong that I can smell it when I'm sitting and if I open my legs slightly. (I went to the gyno recently and I got tested for gonn and syphilis and those came back negative btw) I've had this issue for YEARS. When I was little I had surgery for my bladder/kidneys I think it's called reflux of the kidneys and I would leak urine in my underwear but I had surgery for that. I think SOMETIMES I still leak I'm just saying that because I'm trying to add as much info as possible for people reading this. So at the end of the day I always smell. I can never repeat pants another day. I DONT use soaps in my vagina, or perfumes or anything like that. I've used vagisil and summers <a href="">eve</a> before but they have not helped at all. I don't douche or do anything ur not supposed to. I don't know what to do anymore I can't keep living like this!! Please help someone!! I shower every day!!!!