Official announcement lol


Finn Riley

EDD: Sept 21

Born: Sept 10 @ 6:50pm

8lbs, 7oz - 20.5inches

Long labor like it was my first child all over (15 hours) But I guess it is when they're 12yrs apart. Started with an epidural but it was slowing everything down, so we stopped it. Had him vaginally, no medication, no tears! Pushed maybe 6 times and he was here!! We're so in love, and he's breastfeeding well and passed all his tests!

I didn't think I could do it without meds, I truly surprised myself and never planned for unmedicated... Yes, after 6cm, it was VERY hard especially transition.. (esp when it was lasting so long). But don't give up ladies, it's so rewarding in the end!!

Good luck ladies, best wishes!!