Siarah? β€’ Suicide silence. 2 years with my almost marine boyfriend. Angel mommy. Kik:Siarahlacey

So I woke up to my father screaming HELP ME SIARAH. I could just tell the horror in his voice so I flew down stairs and the kitchen, the whole half of the stove is on fire. I was like did you call the fire department and he goes no I was like DAD so flew back up stairs grabbed my phone and than flew across the street to the neighbors and asked if they had a fire extinguisher. Ran back pulled the pin and than wanted to fucking whack him over the head with it for scaring me shitless. This is the first time anything that bad happened dealing with fire in the house.

I'm posting this to spread awareness. Please y'all GET a fire extinguisher if you do not have one. Teach your kids how to react in a situation like this. I want all y'all to be safe (even though alot of you drive me absolutely insane πŸ˜‰) so please if you do not have one already get a fire extinguisher. Waking up to half your kitchen on fire and your old man yelling HELP ME is not fun!