Has your SO ever given you the cold shoulder?

So last night we got into a huge fight that was escalated by alcohol and we were both in the wrong but I'm the one who is paying for it. To begin, He disappeared for hours and wouldn't tell me where he was. He would give me vague texts and wouldn't answer my questions. I do admit that I was the angry one at first but the way he literally ignored EVERYTHING I had to say only made it worse. I felt like he was belittling me by refusing to acknowledge how I feel and deciding that my concerns weren't worth his time. He told me I'm "so incredibly mean" and to go to bed. I was pissed. I texted him everything I felt at that point and spoke my mind since he told me he was "disappointed in me" and to "go to bed." I would drop everything if he needed me and he made it clear that he wouldn't. Now it's the next day and he won't talk to or text me. Not sure what to do. I'm still angry and feel like I have every right to be. He doesn't get to decide what's important in our relationship and ignore everything that inconveniences him. You don't just ignore your partner and disappear when it's convenient for you. Relationships don't work that way. 

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